Vehicles 2017

Description: Vehicles 2017 is a Racing Games game on

Vehicles 2 Game 

Ready to drive and pack? Try the Vehicles 2 driving game. This game adds to the various physics based puzzle games based on automotive. 

The Goal of Vehicles 2 

Vehicles 2 has a simple and easily achievable goal. The street is flooded with bad vehicles. Clean the streets with the help of your provided vehicles. Use the vehicles to ram them off in a bid to restore peace in the streets. 

How to Play Vehicles 2 

Unlike other car games which are controlled by arrows, Vehicles 2 is controlled using the mouse. Click the light-colored rescue vehicles to drive, click on the brakes to make them stop. 

How to Win Vehicles 2

Winning the game simply requires that you clear the enemy vehicles off the screen. Note that each car has special powers. Click the power button to use them. Crash the enemy‚Äôs car to get a star and park the good cars correctly in the parking spots.