Absorbed V2

Description: Absorbed V2 is a Shooting Games game on ugirlsgames.com.

Absorbed 2 Game

This is yet another online action arcade game that can be played from numerous sites.

The Goal of Absorbed 2

Being an action game, the goal is to find our way out of the zombie infested landscape. There are 22 levels of this game. Moving from one level to another requires swift absorption of objects and shooting enemies. The goal in each level is surpassing the difficulties, overcoming obstacles, tackling the enemies and safely reaching the exit.

How to Play Absorbed 2

Absorbed 2, like any other action arcade game is quite interesting to play. Unleash your weapon, shoot, escape, jump and absorb the enemy through various customizable controls.

How to win Absorbed 2

Winning any action game is easy. Note that as you advance the levels, so does its difficulty increase. Launch your weapons, escape and absorb the zombies appropriately to win the game. You can save your progress as you advance.