Brick Out

Description: Brick Out is a Football Games game on

BrickOut Game 

BrickOut is an arcade addictive game developed and conceptualized by Atari. 

The Goal of BrickOut 

Here, a layer of bricks lines the upper third of your screen. The screen has a ball that travels across. Your goal is to bounce the ball away as the bricks are destroyed. You will lose when the ball touches the bottom part of the screen. 

How to Play BrickOut 

The mouse is the central control point of this game. Use it to move the paddle to prevent it from falling. You’ll lose a life when the ball fills the void. Your game is over when all lives are gone. 

How to Win BrickOut 

As mentioned, winning BrickOut requires that you prevent the ball from touching the void. As you balance the ball, bricks are destroyed. Destroy all the bricks to unlock next levels of the BrickOut.