FruitSnake 2017 Pro

Description: FruitSnake 2017 Pro is a Football Games game on

FruitSnake Game

The FruitSnake is yet another addictive snake game making its comeback based on the classic 1978 classic snake game. Eat fruits, grow long and complete missions with the snake. 

The Goal of FruitSnake 

The main objective of this game is to eat the fruit as you stay on the pavement. Be watchful that you don’t eat your own body. 

How to Play FruitSnake 

The mouse is the main center of control in this game. Use the left mouse button for interact menu. Arrows dictate the movement of the snake. 

How to Win FruitSnake 

Eat as many oranges, berries, apples and other fruits as you avoid smashing into the wall or into yourself to win the game. You can also compete with your friends and beat them by scoring high.