Meeblings 2017

Description: Meeblings 2017 is a Puzzle Games game on

Meeblings 2 Game  

This is the latest Meeblings sequel with new puzzles, new sounds, and new graphics. This second part of Lemmings inspired physics game requires you to rescue the poor Meeblings by activating their special abilities. 

The Goal of Meeblings 2

To get to the game’s goal, you’ll need to activate the Meeblings special abilities. Help them escape and figure out the rest. 

How to Play Meeblings 2 

This is a point and click game. Use the mouse to click on the Meeblings to activate their abilities. Try saving as much Meeblings as you can. 

How to Win Meeblings 2 

To win the game, push, catapult, slide, drop, pull and throw as many Meeblings as you can to win this game. Enjoy this new sequel of the Meeblings game coupled with new graphics, puzzles, and sounds. Meeblings just got twice fun. Have fun!!