PacXon 2

Description: PacXon 2 is a Action Games game on

PacXon Game 

PacXon is an addictive arcade game primarily based on the initial Pacman game that will certainly keep you challenged for hours. 

The goal of PacXon 

Achieve the goal of the game by filing the provided empty space, capture monsters and build a wall around them. 

How to play PacXon

Playing the PacXon game is quite easy. There are three crucial steps to follow. 

Begin by moving the PacXon to the empty area as well as the wall to capture the area. 

Try grabbing the power-ups swiftly as they appear. This will enhance your speed as well as slow or freeze the monsters. 

Advance to the next level by filling more than 80% of the area. Note that levels get harder as you advance. 

How to win PacXon 

Winning PacXon is primarily by avoiding the ghost/monsters. Touching the ghosts reduces your lives. You can view the number of remaining lives on the top left side and the game progress at the top right. 

Good luck with PacXon!!