Try To Survive 2017

Description: Try To Survive 2017 is a Shooting Games game on

Try to Survive Game 

Ready to defend? Try this game to survive. As the name suggests, it is a cool defense game that simulates an alien invasion. Created by the Monstro Games and intelligent gaming experts, you battle for life in the middle of the desert. Aliens crash to a research and development base brought down by a falling meteorite. 

The Goal of Try to Survive 

Try to Survive game requires you to defend your life and those of other humans. Prevent the escalating mutation and propagation of this new species attacking humans to achieve this goal. 

How to Play Try to Survive

This is a point and click game. Use the mouse to shoot at the enemies. Acquire more points to build and buy weapons. 

How to Win Try to Survive 

To win the game, protect your base as you strengthen your soldiers. Boost the safety of people living in the nearby city by stopping the alien invasion. Good luck!!