Where's My Water

Description: Where's My Water is a Action Games game on ugirlsgames.com.

Where Is My Water Game

Where Is My Water is yet another rather challenging but intriguing puzzle video game. The inception of this game inspired the development of other spin-offs such as where’s my Perry, where’s my valentine and where’s my Mickey. 

The Goal of Where Is My Water 

The game features two alligators, Swampy and Cranky, living in the city sewer system. Swampy hates being dirty but Cranky interrupts water supply to Swampy’s home. Your goal in this game, therefore, is to help Swampy get clean water. Guide water to his broken shower successfully. 

How to Play Where Is My Water 

Playing Where Is My Water is quite easy. Cut through dirt, guide fresh water, toxic water, steam, ooze and dirty water across various challenging levels. Use arrow keys for moving the Duck, space bar to start or stop the alligators and 1,2 and 3 to change. 

How to win Where Is My Water 

Getting Swampy his water is the only way to win this game. Route the water to pipes leading to his bathroom to win. Every drop counts!